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About This Class

learn laravel This class is going to teach you the basics of Laravel , one of the most popular web development frameworks .

While learning you will create a simple website step by step . The final outcome is a website where users will be able to buy and sell products , this will be simple in terms of features yet a complete product which you can publish to the world .

If you know some HTML and PHP and you want to upgrade your skills to write more organized code , if you want to get some experience on a MVC framework but wondering which framework to use then this course is perfect for you .

Laravel is easy to learn . Just start ! and in a couple of minutes you will realize why Laravel is respected so much .

Project Description

Learn Laravel The class project has been divided into parts –

1. If you have followed the class upto the 5th lesson , probably you have created the product list page with dummy contents right ! now you have to share a screenshot of this page .

2. Similarly by the end of the 7th lesson you should have created the product details page with dummy contents , share a screenshot of this page too .

3. At the end of the 12th lesson , I guess you are now able to display the actual products from the database right ? so please add at least 10 products to the website and now share a screenshot of the product details page .

4. Final task : By the end of the class you should have a clear concept of the views , routes , controllers right . Now using those concepts you have to perform the following tasks –

    a.  Implement the functionality to delete a product by the user who has added it .

    b.  The page where a user gets redirected after login in does not contain any useful information now . You have display the list of products added by the user here .

And finally you have to share the screenshots of the respective pages . Happy coding .


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